Our Partners


Company: AdvantaCORE School Improvement Solutions

Contact Person: Linda M. Romano

Contact Information: linda.romano@advantacore.org; (614) 403-5584

AdvantaCORE supports school districts by identifying gaps and weaknesses that are preventing them from achieving peak performance and offering a full menu of proven solutions that will strengthen the entire school district so all students can succeed. All of our school improvement solutions are solidly grounded in research and best practices; they include a wide range of services, from professional coaching and school system instructional audits to development and customized implementation of professional development programs.


Company: Allerton Hill Consulting, LLC

Contact Person: Carole Dorn-Bell

Contact Information: cdb@allertonhillconsulting.com; (614) 787-8771

Allerton Hill is the leading consulting firm that specializes exclusively in the unique communications and marketing needs of school districts. Since 1981, we have guided our clients’ communication strategies through crisis management, long-term community engagement plans and critical funding campaigns that have helped will billions on behalf of our clients.


Company: Dynamix LLC

Contact Person: Dr. Jenny Hensley

Contact Information: jen@dynamixllc.org; (614) 580-4497

The Dynamix team works with schools and across districts to help rescue projects from disaster, to assist with accomplishing strategic goals, and to improve meeting effectiveness.
Our services include: Strategic Planning; Coaching and Support; Data Analysis Training and Support; External Grant Evaluation; and Professional Development.



Company: Educator’s School Safety Network

Contact Person: Dr. Amy Klinger

Contact Information: amy@eschoolsafety.org; (419) 699-4657

The Educator’s School Safety Network (ESSN) is a national non-profit organization headquartered in Ohio, that offers education-based training, research, and consultation for schools related to violence prevention, emergency planning, and crisis response. Safety experts with a background in education, law, and emergency response provide training and expertise BY educators, FOR educators.


Company: Forecast5 Analytics

Contact Person: Eric Smith

Contact Information: Forecast5Analytics.com; (630) 955-7551

Forecast5 Analytics provides interactive data analytics to schools covering a spectrum of organizational performance areas. The tools allow school business leaders to identify strategic and financial opportunities with highly visual output in areas such as financial performance, compensation, enrollment/demographics, and student achievement.



Company: FutureThink

Contact Person: Tracy Healy

Contact Information: thealy@futurethinkinc.com; (614) 264-2638

FutureThink focuses primarily on enrollment projections and demographic studies while continuing to offer a wide range of planning services, including facility master planning, capacity analysis, educational specifications, redistricting, and use of geographic information systems. Our mission is to empower the people and communities with whom we work—enhancing the educational experience through planning.



Company: The John Thomas Educational Consulting Group

Contact Person: John E. Thomas

Contact Information: jthoma44@icloud.com; (740) 326-6925

The John Thomas Educational Consulting Group, aka, the JTEC Group, provides customized educational consulting to school district leadership teams. John Thomas has over 47 years of experience in education, strategic planning, communication, community engagement and leadership training. The JTEC Group also provides Safety and Facility Security Audits in addition to the other services we offer.



Company: Leadership Excelleration, Inc.

Contact Person: Diane Egbers, President and Founder

Contact Information: diane.egbers@lei-consulting.com; (513) 677-0995

Leadership Excelleration, Inc. has been providing comprehensive leadership development across industries including education for twenty years. Ranging from urban to suburban school districts, our passion is to serve district leadership teams to have more effective leaders leading high performing districts.