OSLF Services

Services from OSLF are provided to clients through the utilization of highly qualified subcontractors. These subcontractors are experienced educational professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of K-12 education. Many are experienced superintendents that have practice-based experiences that assist clients in learning best practices for the desired outcomes.

  1. Executive Coaching Program for First-Year Superintendents
  2. BASA New Superintendent Transition Program
  3. Ohio School Leadership Institute (OSLI)
  4. District Leadership Development
  5. Ohio Standard Based Evaluation System Training
    • Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System Facilitation (OSES)
    • Ohio Treasurer Evaluation System Facilitation (OTRES)
    • Ohio Principal Evaluation System Training (OPES)
  6. Mohican Forum/Think Tank
  7. District Instructional Audits
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Interpersonal Coaching
  10. Enrollment Projection Studies
  11. Focus Group Development and Facilitation
  12. Survey Development and Facilitation
  13. Training and Professional Development
  14. Research
  15. Grant Evaluation
  16. Grant Administration
  17. Custom Contractual Work as Requested
  18. Professional Development
  19. Safety and Security Audits


Executive Coaching Program
BASA New Superintendent Transition Program
Ohio School Leadership Institute (OSLI)
District Leadership Development
Ohio Standards Based Evaluation System Training