Executive Coaching Program

BASA’s Executive Coaching Program focuses on assisting new superintendents with the diverse and unique challenges presented by their new leadership positions.

Superintendents who are new to the position, as well as those who are new to the position in Ohio, are matched with successful, experienced Ohio superintendents specifically trained to assist new superintendents in navigating the many challenges faced by chief executive officers of school systems.

The Executive Coaching Program provides participants an opportunity to:

  • Increase their understanding of their role as the chief executive officer of the school system.
  • Acquire information needed to successfully fulfill their responsibilities and meet new challenges.
  • Meet face-to-face regularly to gain insights from experienced superintendents on “best practices” of the superintendency.
  • Network with other superintendents.

The Program is Structured

Executive coaches are provided with an initial outline of subjects and calendar of activities to pursue with new superintendents such as:

  • School Finance and Business
  • Superintendent/Board Relations
  • Collective Bargaining and Personnel Issues.
  • Accountability and Assessment
  • Public Relations
  • Ohio Revised Code Reporting Deadlines
  • Bond Issues and Levy Campaigns
  • School Construction

The Program is Flexible

The nature of the superintendency demands flexibility in the relationship between the executive coach and superintendent. Executive coaches provide resources and guidance on issues defined by the new superintendent, which require timely intervention and careful study and planning.

Reasons to Participate in Executive Coaching

There are many reasons to do Executive Coaching. FIrst and foremost, executive coaching can contribute to schools being more productive places for students to learn. Listed below are some of the assets of Executive Coaching:

  • Individualized to Meet a Superintendent’s Special Needs
  • “Imbedded” or Integrated into the Superintendent’s Workday and Worksite
  • Provides an Opportunity to Think Through Issues With a Skilled Professional
  • Reduces the Loneliness/Isolation of the Position of the Superintendency
  • Increases Job Satisfaction
  • Provides More Skilled Leadership
  • Allows an Opportunity to Bounce Ideas Off of Someone Committed Solely to Helping You Professionally and Personally BASA’