Professional Development

Ohio School Leadership Institute

The Ohio School Leadership Institute is facilitated by the Center for Creative Leadership. The program is designed to develop superintendents as leaders who improve systems and build capacity to improve performance in service to the students and communities they serve.

Through an in-depth focus on Direction, Alignment and Commitment, superintendents in the program gain the skills and tools for building greater individual and systemic capacity.

  • Direction: The ongoing work of deciding and communicating a shared direction and a focus on substantial and important outcomes.
  • Alignment: The ongoing process of coordinating work, roles, resources, and assets in a manner that moves toward direction.
  • Commitment: The ongoing work of maintaining commitment to the collective.

The components of OSLI include:

Coursework and Training: Four iterative modules of training will provide content and tools for participants to gain both increased self-knowledge and greater understanding of how to maximize their leadership in their districts. The face-to-face modules include CCL-designed and proven tools, resources, and content contextualized for education professionals. Each module includes a variety of opportunities to learn through experiential activities designed to extend and refine learning while providing unique opportunities to learn from the experience and perspectives of others. These activities include robust simulations, problem solving and decision making scenarios, and hands-on innovative tasks that require using new content and tools in a meaningful way.

Developmental Relationships: Through using a cohort model participants experience coaching, peer feedback sessions, and shared experiences that build on existing relationships and strengthen their professional networks and on-going support from the CCL faculty through the tools and content learned in the face-to-face modules.

Challenge Assignments: Participants develop and engage in activities that focus on Key Leadership Challenges and goals that are both relevant and immediately applicable to their current role


The Buckeye Association of School Administrators was an integral part of OSLI from its initial thinking and conceptualization stage through the development and delivery stages as well. BASA continues to lead the program. Dr. Jerry Klenke and Dr. Richard Maxwell, each former BASA Executive Directors, have been involved since the inception of OSLI serving as facilitators beginning with the first cohort. Dr. Klenke continues to facilitate the program and Dr. Maxwell continues to provides services for each cohort.

To date, thirty one cohorts have gone through the OSLI program. Cohort thirty two will complete its work at the conclusion of the school year. Over 900 superintendents have gone through the Ohio School Leadership Institute.